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Phone interviews were conducted with 1,525 Latino teens, ranging in age from 12 to 18, most of whom (76.1 percent) were born in the United States. Respondents reported experiencing the following within the past year: [1][4] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The following percentages of dating teens reported experiencing forms of abuse: An NIJ-funded longitudinal study of 1,162 students in the Midwest examined the prevalence of several kinds of abuse that male and female middle and high school students experienced and perpetrated in teen dating relationships. About one-third of girls and boys (35 percent and 36 percent, respectively) reported experiencing physical violence in a teen dating relationship. Verbal emotional abuse was the most common form of abuse in teen dating relationships for both girls and boys: 73 percent of girls and 66 percent of boys reported experiencing at least one instance of verbal abuse in a dating relationship in high school. More girls reported perpetrating physical dating violence than boys (34 percent vs. In addition, 64 percent of girls and 45 percent of boys reported perpetrating verbal emotional abuse toward a dating partner. Nearly one in four girls and one in seven boys reported being victims of sexual coercion in a teen dating relationship. ​ NIJ-funded research has also examined the prevalence of dating violence among a national sample of Latino adolescents. In some states, these images are considered to be child pornography, and possession and distribution laws apply.Even solely between abuser and victim, however, the content of text or instant messages, social media posts, and other items can also reveal name-calling, bullying, shaming, and demands for sexual activity which the victim doesn’t want.Special thanks to Jeffrey Berlin for all of his help in coordinating this project.

Findings indicated that within the past year: The study also specifically examined dating violence rates among teens who had dated within the past year (66 percent of total teens; n = 3,745).

The Urban Institute referred to a 2011 study that reported eight percent of surveyed youth having had physically violent encounters because of something that occurred on a social network site.

This can be an avenue to explore when you’ve responded to a fight on school property.

Finally, recommendations for prevention programs for adolescents and parents are discussed.

We would like to thank Susana Helm, Justin Ramos, James Charisma, Jaclyn Khil, Lorraine Coffinet-Smith, and Desiree Acosta for their help with data collection and analysis.

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Whether you’re a school resource officer, or are responding as a patrol officer or detective to a complaint by a young victim, a parent, counselor, or other concerned individual, remember that much of the evidence you need may be on both victim’s and suspect’s mobile devices.

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