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Previous unrest at prisons on Sumatra include a breakout last month of around 200 prisoners at Tanjung Gusta Penitentiary in Medan, North Sumatra.

The Jakarta Globe reported at the time that the prisoners – including 15 who were serving time for terrorist offenses -- had escaped after setting several offices on fire and storming the main gate late at night.

Prisoners were angry at the lack of Independence Day remission passes, the Post report said.

The Law and Human Rights Ministry granted Independence Day remissions to 67,349 inmates across Indonesia.

The finesse of craftsmanship found on, amongst other things, the doors and windows of the centre, is some of the most impressive we have witnessed during our projects.

: Going cheap, simple and back to nature dengan tidak diberi vernis pada kayu, ga dicat, bahkan alas nggak pake keramik - karena ini memang sekolahnya calon peternak handal se-Indonesia -: namanya saja sekolahnya calon peternak, ya harus sederhana.

To provide access without cookies would require the site to create a new session for every page you visit, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level.Power outages and water shortages were believed to have triggered the riot, the Globe reported.There also was an unconfirmed report that five people, including two wardens, had been killed.The trunks are a by-product from the cinnamon production and it has a low status among the locals.This low status, however, seem quite undeserved, and so we chose to utilize the trunks in everything from the main construction to the interior of the centre.

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