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Autism is a game-changer, not a life-ruiner, and you and your son will be okay, no matter what answer you get.

Autism is currently considered to be genetic, and many autistic parents have autistic children. I also work in science where people are expected to be blunt and tend to behave differently from the general population, anyways.

They may only interact with others when they want to talk about an interest or if they need something.

They may prefer games with a set script, such as acting out a favorite story or TV show, or he may enjoy creating fantasy worlds, but struggle with social role play. Although toddlers may not always have much of a choice about who they interact with, try to create opportunities such as play dates, so you can try to get a sense of their interaction choices and social behavior. One cue of autism is if the toddler talks in a monotonous or flat tone if they are talking at this point.

The parents may have a very negative attitude about autism and if so their child may grow up with some serious self-esteem issues.

Read from the Autistic community in particular about autism acceptancebecause aspergers single for life can offer valuable advice.

Has not uttered single words by 16 months of age or pairs of words by 24 months of partnervermittlung frauen.

In general, they may appear clumsy or awkward in their movements. Determine if the toddler has an abnormal reactions to touch, sight, smell, sound or taste, as this can be a sign of autism.However, you may be able to recognize a toddler on the high functioning end of the spectrum by watching his social interaction aspergers single for life behaviors.Difficulties interacting with others is one of the main features of autism.Read more about autism symptoms, from diagnostic lists and from autistic writers describing their lives.Consider calling your doctor to aspergers single for life for a referral to an autism expert.

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