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The PSP is one of the most popular gaming consoles available today.There are two ways to update PSP firmware - through the network or with a PC.Make sure you have successfully installed CFW 6.20 Pro B8 before trying to do this though.You will also be able to access the "VSH" menu by pressing "SELECT" on your PSP in the main screen where music, games, etc is.To update PSP firmware for the PC, the PSP has to be connected to the PC.The process is not automatic and it involves some manual steps to complete the procedure. This document, titled "Update the firmware of your PSP," is available under the Creative Commons license.

All Pro CFW releases can be found here and the official Pro installation tutoral is here Note: Pro CFW can do the same as LME, by using the Fast Recovery eboot after each shutdown to re-enable functions.They allow you to pick which OFW you want, and have different revision numbers, as ME for 6.60 was started later.They are both updated identically.) (6.39 and 6.60 Pro10 c IPL are identical, they simply allow you to pick which OFW you want.) So, if you chose ME9.7, install OFW 6.39, then install ME9.7 from the SYSTEM UPDATE on the XMB.The last post was on the 2nd of this month, and it's now like the 26th.It is important to update PSP firmware to correct bugs, add features or play new video games.

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