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(LIST: Neverending Television) Although Barker had claimed that he wanted to retire in 2007 “before he got old,” rumors had begun to surface that he was being pushed out because of a threatened lawsuit of racial discrimination.A mere four months after Barker’s final show, Deborah Curling, who had been a contestant screener on for 24 years, filed a suit against Barker and the producers.To escape from the tension in New York, Carol and Therese take a road trip West as far as Utah, over the course of which it becomes clear that the feelings they have for each other are romantic and sexual.They become physically as well as emotionally intimate and declare their love for each other.Carol knows that she will lose custody of Rindy if she continues her relationship with Therese.She tells Therese that she cannot continue their relationship.The Price of Salt (later republished under the title Carol) is a 1952 romance novel by Patricia Highsmith, first published under the pseudonym "Claire Morgan".

She pays him a high price for some tapes even though he warns her that he has already sent several tapes and other evidence to Harge in New York.The women become aware that a private investigator is following them, hired by Harge to gather evidence that could be used against Carol by incriminating her as homosexual in the upcoming custody hearings.They realize the investigator has already bugged the hotel room in which Carol and Therese first had sex.At first Barker simply denied the charge but then amended his statement, admitting to having a consensual sexual relationship with Parkinson for a year and a half.(Barker’s wife died in 1981.) A judge eventually dismissed the wrongful termination part of the suit, and though he let the sexual harassment charge stand, Parkinson later dropped the lawsuit citing medical distress and insufficient funds to pay for legal fees.

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