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The economic outlook in Nevada declined considerably since President Obama won the state four years ago and has been slow to rebound.With the nation’s highest rates of home foreclosure and unemployment, Mitt Romney had a ready-made laboratory to argue that policies of the Obama administration have not worked.Mitt Romney and the full Republican field spent months attacking Mr.Obama in the Iowa caucus campaign this year, which has kept the president’s poll ratings lower than other nearby states.Close elections in Florida are often decided in the crucial "I-4" corridor stretching from St. Maine has largely slipped from the ranks of top battleground states, with Democrats winning here in the last five presidential elections.The voters have an independent streak, but generally oppose what they perceive as government intrusion in their lives. Romney’s best opportunities to win a state that Mr. There are few credible paths to the White House for Mitt Romney without winning Ohio, a well-established bellwether.The state has accurately picked winning presidential candidates in the last 12 elections.

The state is deeply conservative, but population shifts in Northern Virginia have changed the state’s political demographics.The last Republican to win the White House without winning Florida was Warren Harding in 1924.The last Democrat to win the White House without winning Florida was Bill Clinton in 1992.The Romney campaign will try to seize at least one electoral vote since Maine is one of two states that divide their allotment.Mitt Romney was born and raised in Michigan, where his father was a popular governor.

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But the competition with President Obama will be rooted in the economy – not nostalgia – in this Democratic-leaning state.

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