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the chp spokesman said there are two main reasons why they want.

is we ought to want to talk to her about these various crimes she may have committed a stolen vehicle hit and run and also resisting arrest.

will t: the crime spree in fremont that have some afraid to come out of their homes at night as you just heard here is a live look at the embarcadero of flack is blowing in the when we are in store for one week and all those details coming of next.

this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news begins now: will t: the morning everyone t g i f.

michelle a: then the weekend comes it will continue to heat up these temperatures for saturday and sunday put onto the upper 90s a few isolated spots triple digit heat for saturday inland locations across the bay and its upper 80s and across the coast we have some nice beach with a plan on to mid-70s plan on sunshine today and all weekend long web when to start to see some sunshine and high- pressure continues to build them looking at today we have some mid to upper 60s as of right now looking at the bay mid-60s and all across the cause we have low 60s by the hour temper to ones we across the span into downtown san francisco and san mateo bridge looking good for the west about 92 ride that clocks in at under 10 minutes getting from the east bay over to the peninsula and preempted for the richmond san rafael bridge bridge ride this is the camille and was about 580 is pretty much all yours this morning the seven minutes from the togas and across the bridge up to the north and the golden gate bridge also looking good they've always done online configuration for land on a southbound to going northbound and those lines of for so far five minutes out of sausalito into san francisco.

will t: we are learning more about the contra costa county sheriff's deputy who drowned in south lake tahoe on thursday official said the deputy job into deep water and the top to try and save a person who was drowning the contra costa county sheriff's office is sending a team of investigators to lift altogether more information right now we still did not know the condition of the person he was trying to save the time.

the family of three in the parking lot to women and one man one of the women of sulcus so viciously she required medical attention police said the suspect walked up to the victim pointing a gun at them and then snatched the gold chains off all three of their necks what fremont police happened in this lesley street parking lot wednesday night proven that no matter how sick the community none are mule to crime.

government military and law-enforcement personnel the fbi's investigating u.s.

military and australian police officials tell cnn they're looking at how it is affecting their people on the list.

will t: although that is horrible it is still a little bit better than last year netted the same time we were sitting at 24 the greece's parliament has approved the country's third belau the night for billion dollar package was approved early this morning after an all- night debate the bill still needs to be ratified by parliament.

will t: y s six is being recall this morning ices militants released ahead less who was on an and the warning from military officials.

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had at an embassy on island nation the flat will be raised later this morning said in an joins us from havana.

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