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Little wonder then that recently, bachelors drawn from as far as Kakamega, Bungoma and Kisumu Counties thronged Busia County after some miscreant spread rumours that a certain NGO was planning to distribute beautiful Kamba wives, Sh10,000 pocket money, and a bag of maize (I mean, who can resist such an offer?

) Only to go home a disappointed lot, after it turned out that it was a hoax.

We did it and that’s was how I got to know the residents of the place,” narrates Flynn.Unfortunately, we lack those English honey-coated ‘lyrics’.Let's just say being a Kenyan man is a scandal.Basically, society has ill-equipped Kenyan men in regard to wooing skills.And because no woman will listen to you if you seduced them in Kiswahili, we struggle to do it in English.

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I made a video to explain how it is CREATED, the effect it is having, my opinion on whether it is HARMFUL and how to REMOVE it.

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