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Next we take a look at how you can use Midsummer's Eve to stay safe and happy while maximising your chances of meeting the person of your dreams.

When many people think of online dating, they think of all the World of Warcraft addicts and goth kids from high school getting together online trying to get dates.

We do not make changes to your profiles or details and do not forward messages or give out details about anyone without their own consent.

We try to answer all your comments and queries within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) and are happy to give advice on messaging and improving your profiles.

This, of course, gets more difficult for woman, who (if what I’ve heard is correct) can get hundreds of messages per day on some of the more popular dating sites.

Making an active effort, though, can establish you as one of the good folks of the online social circle, and can only be beneficial to you down the line (you never know where being a good person will help you out in the future).

Starting out, know what image you are trying to get across and what story you want to tell.

Have a friend check it out, if you’re feeling extra brave.

Now, if their message to you is at all off-putting (sexually-charged, offensive, too short to glean anything from, etc), then just delete it and go on with your day.

If they took some time to form whole sentences and strike up a conversation with you, however, even if you’re not interested it’s polite to jot down a quick reply and either respond to them in a way that encourages more communication or in a way that cuts the convo off (nicely).

Please see our information on how we deal with complaints.

We never give your e-mail address to anyone and if you make a payment none of your credit card details are ever stored.

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In the wonderful world of online dating, however, you have myriad different levels of information you can display.

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