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FEMININE ENGLISH GIVEN NAMES This dictionary, by P. FOURTEENTH CENTURY VENETIAN PERSONAL NAMES Lists of men's and women's given names, variants and diminutives MASCULINE NAMES FROM THIRTEENTH CENTURY PISA An excellent analysis of more than 4000 masculine names that appear in an alliance signed in 1228 HUNGARIAN PERSONAL NAMES OF THE 16TH CENTURY Alphabetically organised. HUNGARIAN FEMININE NAMES Most given names in medieval and Renaissance Hungary are variants of Christian names common throughout Europe, though there are also names of Latin, German, and Slavic origin. SPANISH NAMES FROM THE LATE 15TH CENTURY This list reflects both traditional names that had been used for centuries and new names that were beginning to come into use. DUTCH WOMEN'S' NAMES BEFORE 1100 List of women's names recorded prior to 1100 in the Low Countries (which are today Belgium and the Netherlands) CORNISH (AND OTHER CELTIC) NAMES From the 10th Century WELSH NAMES FROM 1327 With adaptations and English versions MEDIEVAL GERMAN GIVEN NAMES FROM SILESIA A very long list of names from the 14th and 15th centuries OLD GERMAN NAMES These names are often in Latin form as that is how they were recorded by medieval authors.HUNGARIAN FEMININE NAMES List of women's names recorded prior to 1600 RULERS FROM MOLDAVIA TILL 1859 Medieval Romanian names list MEDIEVAL LATVIAN GIVEN NAMES Both feminine and masculine names are listed, first by year, then gender, and then alphabetically. 16TH CENTURY SPANISH NAMES Lists of masculine & feminine names and bynames MEDIEVAL SPANISH NAMES Long lists of names from the Monastery of Sahagun ANDALUSIAN NAMES: ARABS IN SPAIN Lists of masculine and feminine given names and bynames from 8th to 12th century Andalusia records. GERMAN GIVEN NAMES 1200-1250 Lists of names found before 1200 and in the period 1200-1250 BASQUE FEMININE NAMES A list of Basque feminine given names and bynames found in various medieval sources 10TH CENTURY FRISIAN MASCULINE NAMES A list of 10th century medieval Frisian names recorded in Latin documents NAMES FROM THE GENIZA OF CAIRO Names of over 200 Jewish women's names from the Middle Ages, preserved in the Geniza documents PERIOD ARABIC NAMES Names lists consist of period (pre-1600 A.We also try to give some information about Russian women, useful tips for men who use our services: welcome to Russian women names page where you will find a list of most popular Russian women names; in our FAQ section you will find a lot of useful information about Russian brides, details about Army-Of-Brides agency services, recommendations and restrictions concerning your contact with Ukrainian women and Russian brides, and other comments.If you want to contact any Russian bride from our photo catalog, use our e-mail forwarding and translation services to write single Ukrainian women and Russian girls and introduce yourself.

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MEDIEVAL NAMES OF LATIN ORIGIN Early Christian saints and leaders were often of Roman origin or had Latin names and some names from Roman history were also used.

FRANKISH MEDIEVAL NAMES Masculine & Feminine Names from the Merovingian Line FLEMISH NAMES FROM BRUGES Each name is divided into a given name, a byname, and a linking article or preposition JAPANESE FORMAL MASCULINE GIVEN NAMES List of fabulous names from Medieval Japan KHAZARIAN NAMES The Khazars generally gave themselves Turkic and Hebrew given-names, but some of them used Slavic given-names, and some of the Turkic names may be originally of Persian or another origin.

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During the period of migration by the Germanic tribes, they settled on the Rhine by the C3rd and spread into the Roman Empire by the C4th. AZTEC/NAHUATL NAMES At one time, everyone spoke Nahuatl in the Valley of Mexico except for the Otomi. Most of the towns listed here are dated to be post-10th century ORIGIN & MEANINGS OF DOUKHOBOR SURNAMES Like other Russian surnames, they are derived from four basic sources: First names; trades and occupations; nicknames; and from places of residence MOLOKAN SURNAMES ORIGINS & MEANINGS In some cases they can indicate the name of an early ancestor, their trade or occupation, ethnic or geographic origin, or a descriptive nickname.

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