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Setting has been chosen instead of "facility" to expand the scope of potential places for which these guidelines apply (Appendix A)."Setting" is used to describe any relationship (physical or organizational) in which HCWs might share air space with persons with TB disease or in which HCWs might be in contact with clinical specimens.

The TB infection-control measures recommended by CDC in 1994 were implemented widely in health-care facilities in the United States.

This goal was established as part of the national strategic plan for TB elimination; the final goal is In accordance with relevant local, state, and federal laws, implementation of all recommendations must safeguard the confidentiality and civil rights of all HCWs and patients who have been infected with M. The 1994 CDC guidelines were aimed primarily at hospital-based facilities, which frequently refer to a physical building or set of buildings.

The 2005 guidelines have been expanded to address a broader concept.

The threat of MDR TB is decreasing, and the transmission of M.

tuberculosis in health-care settings continues to decrease because of implementation of infection-control measures and reductions in community rates of TB.

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