Dating styles in 1818

Artists portrayed voyageurs in crisp black top hats and battered brown top hats [18]. A Rindisbacher painting shows one voyageur wearing a battered brown hat with a tapered crown shaped like an upside-down flowerpot [19].

The surviving Beaver Club medals show voyageurs wearing hats with round crowns and broad flat brims [20].

Major changes in fashion during this period are also mentioned, when they are relevant.

Voyageur Equipments Voyageurs were free to wear what they wished, but by 1801 almost all their clothing came from a single source their employers.

Hivernants, who were year-round employees, got two blankets, two shirts, two pairs of trousers, and two handkerchiefs [2].

Five years later, the company-supplied equipments changed slightly.

A voyageur wearing a long blue cap similar to those described by Thompson is depicted in an 1821 painting by John Halkett [6] ; the top half flops over so that the end of the toque is about level with the man's forehead.

A number of other voyageurs in the same canoe wear slightly different toques. 'The Hudson's Bay Company and the Fur Trade : 1670-1820', The Beaver, Autumn 1983.

Documentation for voyageur clothing in this article comes from fur trade inventories, journals, memoirs, and artwork, and focuses on the 1774-1821 period.

'Milling' or 'fulling' is a kind of controlled shrinking which causes the cloth to get thicker.

It was used on knit Monmouth caps in 17th Century England and on wool cloth and blankets in the 18th century [11].

Ross Cox noted that voyageurs also wore fur caps ; unfortunately I could find no information on what these caps looked like [14].

Voyageurs wore felt hats, too, and they are in NWC journals and inventories from a fairly early date.

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