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Give her/him a minute of your attention, and she/he will make your night as smooth as possible.On the other hand, don't tell her/him you're ready to order when you're obviously not. Every ship has passengers manifest and we know when is your birthday so is silly when you order a birthday cake when is not your birthday. If you were the ‘someone else’, bet you’d be complaining about this too. Guest Complaining about the meal after he finishes eating all of it. Stealing Waitres Pen -- Never steal your server's pen! Documenting every course with flash cameras (take pictures next to windows instead! He looks around the table expectantly “Anyone else? Four trips to one table just to get you a round of drinks is a waste of your time.Each singles cruise company will differ in their policies and what is covered within their fee.Having said that, many singles cruises include all of the standard amenities on board, as well as entry into all of the specific singles events handled by the host company.

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And when you are finally ready to order, never wave when she/he is speaking with another table.

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Here are some of the most annoying things passengers on a cruise ship can do from a waiter’s point of view. But don’t you think that the server forgot about you, if you come back on the same cruise you will be ignored by the same waiter and he will tell the waiter who is serving you about his experience. Putting it at the edge of the table will do just fine. Scrounge For Free Stuff -- Few things are more pathetic than a person of means trying to get free things.

Oh man I know its free of charge but you don’t need to look like pig and have three plates in front of you. I don't care if you suck on my pen as much as you should care about where that pen has previously been. Gratuities are paid at the end of the cruise so if passengers don’t leave tips they loose money. Hand the server your empty glass or plate when their hands are already full. Clearly if the server’s hands are full, this is not the ideal time to hand them your empty glass.

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