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She took notes on abdominal pregnancy, writing that she needed to look for health and age, and “location of attachment.” “If all seems well greater than 33 weeks, take conservative approach, if nothing is well, deliver immediately.If pregnancy failing, hold off until at least 30 weeks, but anything less than 28 weeks needs full efforts to live.”She was looking into a “new hobby,” or in vitro fertilization, trying to plan birthdates, according to a short stack of notes stuffed inside one simple binder.The majority of abductors impersonate health care workers; Crews was licensed in First Aid procedures, and had formerly worked at nursing centers.Only two cases of fetal abduction involved men, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.“The abductor befriends the pregnant victim, all the while planning to kill her and extract the baby,” Dr.“Things I’ve ‘Tried’ (to make relationship better)” started off with a backrub night every week, improving and adjusting her attitude, not speaking when upset, begging for truce, and ending relationships.Run, Crews, run Natural mother of at least three children, Crews, now 38, grew up in Florida, where according to Christmas cards, her mother, Paula Nelson, still lives.

Crews, maiden name Doolin, was arrested in August and charged with conspiracy to murder Savanna La Fontaine-Greywind, then kidnap her unborn baby.

Every relationship noted in her calendars and journals started off with smiley-faced notes along the edges, but within weeks, soured.

Beneath a cat-clawed recliner, stained mattresses, the broken front door, kitchen utensils, receipts, and identification cards, a five feet four inch stack of hard cover psychology books, ranging from clinical, criminal, forensic, and legal psychology to midwifery, was discovered.

Marlene Dalley of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police said in an article she wrote.

“Unlike infant abductions, the fetus abductor is so determined to impersonate a woman who has given birth, that she may even take the child to a hospital, after cutting herself internally to make it look as if she has given birth to a child, first through use of weight gain, then the use of prosthesis to fake a pregnant womb.”“These abductors carried out such crimes because they felt a desire to form or strengthen a partner relationship and to live out a fantasy of their own of delivering a child.”Crews repeatedly attempted to set up communication systems with the men she dated, but according to journal records, failed as many times as she started.

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Police discovered the baby and the accused killer in Crews’ apartment five days after Greywind went missing on August 19.

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