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It’s a fascinating journey, and Shubin introduces us along the way to some of the giants in modern paleontology—his counterparts in the search for crucial transitional creatures, and his own scientific heroes.

“To stand at the Lucy site with Don Johanson and to be out in the field with Tim White,” he says, “was a real privilege.” At no point in the series does Shubin get preachy about why you really, really ought to accept evolution.

Being there again, telling the story to a fresh audience right at that wonderful, magical place was just wonderful.” Equally wonderful is the bombproof logic of what they found and what it meant.

Darwin said such a creature must exist; previously known fossils dictated when it must have lived; and sure enough, there it was.

Delve a little deeper into this fish's world and learn a few of its secrets.

Unlike most fish that only breathe by collecting oxygen from the water through their gills, the betta can breathe below the water's surface as well as from above it.

They don't appear to be quite as territorial toward other species, but they will still nip their tank mates occasionally.

Females are territorial, but not quite so fiercely territorial as males.

Our relatively recent ancestor Lucy had both apelike and human characteristics, and paleontologists have found many more examples going back hundreds of millions of years.

Bettas are prone to constipation, so some hobbyists recommend that you let your betta fast one day a week.

When you visit an aquarium shop, you'll notice that bettas are mainly displayed in small, individual containers.

For this reason, you can keep them in what is referred to by hobbyists as a sorority tank.

It's recommended that the group is no smaller than five females, and the tank must provide at least a minimum of one gallon of water per fish.

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