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However, these stark offerings are also quite unsettling, feeling distant like a musical exhibit on display rather than a typical melodic idea easily shared and understood.

Perhaps that's the goal here, to demand something from the listener.

Truly, this is a more vibrant, more magnificent picture of the whole that we are ecstatic to see here for Zola Jesus.

Together with an opening set from Deradoorian, Zola Jesus kicked off the 2015 leg of her Deradoorian opened up tonight’s festivities with an excellent set of harmonious vocal loops and psychedelic jams gave the evening a nice primer coat of darkness for Zola Jesus to build on later.

"Mountainside" opens up a bit more than the rest, yet even it lingers in rayless piano progressions and layered harmonies.

Rather, it’s a considerably-less-hip-but-more-primal-and-urgent kind of otherness that comes screeching out of a tear in the fabric of culture and time.

It was kind of sporadically put together, but it all fit in somehow. I don’t know if I’ve gotten that far quite yet in my mind.

I’m still working on the concept at this point and understanding how to write songs. Videos of Angel playing with Fake Male Voice and Inlets (and ticket give-away details) below…

Though she’s predominantly known as 1/4 of Dirty Projectors (now 1/6 with addition of bassist Nat Baldwin and vocalist Haley Dekle), Angel also sings and performs with other bands at times. For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Deradoorian CD release show on May 5th, e-mail [email protected]

, her first LP on Mute, puts Nika on a new plane of existence, much more natural and much stronger than she’s ever presented herself to be before.

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In the still and the quiet, Nika Roza Danilova is a cold beauty, haunting your dreams like a frozen angel, arms spread wide holding the weight of the world on her wings.

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