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I'm looking forward to your next project, Nam Ji Hyun! She is such a sweetheart both onscreen and offscreen. I am not criticizing plastic surgery but she should never ever go under the knife. I wish to see her in more dramas and not as a supporting character or minor character which will never ever be coz she has started driving the car of success. Wonderful and sincere actress, could feel her warmth in most of the scenes. Keep it up and looking forward to even more leading roles in the k-drama. I hope you will be cast so soon in a new drama ...can't wait to see you ?? She shows her charisma and talent since she was a kid. She is not only beautiful but also smart and cheerful.. I think Nara shd be casted main female lead in suspicious partners. Too bad she didn't win best couple with Seo In Guk, but in my book they were the best couple of 2016. Hey crow-tits, everyone, hands up Hey friends, hands up Hey, if you trust me, hands up Point, aim, shoot!Congratulations Nam JI Hyun/Bong Hee for winning the Best Excellence Artist Award at SBS Korean Drama Award for 2017! i just love u and inguk oppa had a real relationship bcz u two is too cute (cant resist seriously). Her crying scenes are always heartbreaking and I felt like reaching from the screen to wipe her tears away. Her acting is totally my type and I can see a future Gong Hyo Jin in the making.

I was certain that people behind this year's SBS Korean Drama Award would notice how great your acting is in Suspicious Partner. From your ajumma fan here in the Philippines True that. I look forward to seeing more dramas and movies with this actress! All my best to you, with love from Portugal You're so cute and talented!

With her abundant personality, genuine charisma and talent, this girl is gonna go far, professionally and every other way. Nam Ji Hyun has already proven that she can more than stand her own ground and make every role she's given indisputably hers alone.

No matter how talented and charismatic her co-stars, she is just as good... An actress whose every career move I shall anticipate immensely.

I started watching suspicious partner because of Ji Chang Wook but I ended up loving Nam Ji Hyun and watched everything she's been in. i was really amazed by how great her acting was in the very first episode. it's just like..get the feels and everything in the drama!

Her acting not too much but deliver her emotion perfectly. I think it's the first time I comment on an artist's profile but I really have too.

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